Veteran's Stories

A Veteran’s Story: Combatting Mental Health

The veterans who visit us at Woody’s Lodge will often have varying challenging backgrounds, from physical to mental health ailments to difficulty adjusting to civilian life once they’ve returned home from active service. Here at Woody’s Lodge, we approach the challenges our veterans, emergency services leavers and their families face in an environment that provides support, care and friendship. Find out more about one of our veterans that visits us, Kevin, and his experience since serving in the British Army.

Supporting Families: Karen & Nigel’s Story

When a veteran comes home from active service or leaves the Emergency Services, it can be difficult to adjust to civilian life. This isn’t just for the veteran, but also their friends and family. There are challenges that come with being a veteran or Emergency Service leaver transitioning to family life. Karen and her husband, Nigel, visit us regularly, find out more about their experience and how Woody’s Lodge supported them.

A Veteran’s Story: Finding their feet with Woodys

At Woody’s Lodge, we have veterans come to us for help and support across a wide range of topics from housing to mental or physical health challenges. Often, the veterans that come to us are missing the camaraderie of serving, other times they’re struggling with adjusting back to family life. Find out more about one of the veterans that we’ve supported here at Woody’s Lodge.

Emergency Service Stories: Kath’s Journey

If since leaving the Emergency Services, you’ve found yourself missing the camaraderie then a trip to Woody’s Lodge could be perfect for you. We also have an expert team who can help guide you in the right direction with forms for benefits and health referrals. Find out more about one of our volunteers, Kath, who has served in the Royal Air Force as well as in the Emergency Services.

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