Buy online & brands will donate to Woody’s Lodge on your behalf

Make a purchase, make a difference: Easyfundraising explained

Easyfundraising makes it possible to donate to Woody’s Lodge without you having to spend a single penny.

When you shop online, brands will donate to us on your behalf. It’s free to use with no hidden costs. Simply shop & watch the magic happen!

Are you ready to support our Welsh Veterans through Easyfundraising?

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Easyfundraising makes it possible to support causes close to your heart even if you don’t have the funds to help. It’s all about making a huge impact without cost or effort. Just continue your regular online shopping and let brands do the rest.

Here’s how to start supporting Woody’s Lodge today:

  1. Visit Easyfundraising via the website or app
  2. Select Woody’s Lodge as the charity you’re supporting
  3. Sign up
  4. Download the donation reminder plug-in

*The plug-in automatically sends you reminders when you visit shopping sites that support Woody’s Lodge, ensuring you never miss a donation opportunity.

You’re now ready to make your online shopping count and give back to those who served our beautiful nation!

Easyfundraising in a nutshell

3 ways to shop

Easyfundraising is home to over 8,100 brands, which means finding your favourite stores on the platform is highly likely.

As mentioned, you can find partner stores by downloading the donation reminder plugin. This enables you to shop online via Google or other search engines without losing access to donations.

You can also use the Easyfundraising website or app to find stores and make purchases. Download the app on Google Play Store, the App Store, or Windows.

Brands give back when you buy

Brands give Easyfundraising a commission with each purchase you make. At least 50% of the commission gets donated to your chosen charity.

You can only support one charity at a time, but you can change this as often as you like.


Is there a catch or hidden cost?

Rest assured, there is no catch or hidden cost. Easyfundraising allows you to support charities at no cost to you because your favourite brands do the donating.

How much do brands donate when I shop with them?

Most brands contribute a percentage of your spending as a charitable donation. For example, when you book a hotel through for £150, they will donate 3% of that amount, which equals £4.50. In some cases, retailers make flat donations, such as £15 for every car insurance policy purchased, regardless of the policy cost.

Will my online spend increase after I sign up?

No. Your online shopping spend will not increase after signing up to Easyfundraising. It’s 100% free to sign up and free to use forever.

Will I get spammed with junk mail after I sign up?

No. You won’t receive any junk mail from Easyfundraising once you sign up. All your information is protected and your inbox won’t be spammed with unnecessary promotional messages. 

Every online purchase makes a difference for our veterans

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