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Support for Veterans at Woody’s Lodge

At Woody’s Lodge, we’ve discovered that often veterans and those who’ve served, in particular those with mental health issues, find it extremely difficult to meet agencies and local council departments in busy, urban settings meaning that often vital appointments are missed.

Woody’s Lodge provides free meeting spaces with WiFi for agencies who provide support for veterans to come and work with veterans who prefer an environment where there are other familiar and friendly faces around. As well as a free space and WiFi, we can also provide an advocate to attend meetings and assessments with veterans and those who’ve served.

There are lots of agencies that are already using Woody’s Lodge in this way, for example: SSAFA, Recovery Cymru, NHS Veterans Mental Health Services, Change Step, Combat Stress, RBL, Poppy Factory, Admiral Nurses, Men in Sheds, County Councils, CAVAMH, Blesma, TPG NHS Women’s support.

For more information, or if you’re an agency that would like to work with Woody’s Lodge, then please call 01446 781792 (South Wales) or 01492 533954 (North Wales).

You can also email us: support@woodyslodge.org.

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