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Who Comes to Woody’s Lodge?

Support for Veterans, Reservists and Emergency Service leavers

Here at Woody’s Lodge, we are an inviting meeting space, based in the calming countryside with locations in North and South Wales. We provide Armed Forces support and expert advice on a wide range of topics that affect veterans of the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and their friends & family.

Primarily, those who come to us are veterans who have served within the UK Armed Forces including the Army, the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force. In addition, those who have served in the Reserved forces, who are increasingly taking a frontline role in current conflicts across the world. There can be a number of challenges that face veterans when they return home from active duty; we can provide one-to-one expert advice and guidance on issues they may be facing.

As well as veterans of the Armed Forces, we are also here for those who’ve served in the Emergency Services such as the: Police, Fire Brigade and Paramedics. Often, we see that those who’ve served in the Emergency Services miss the camaraderie of working within their team. In addition, they might be adjusting to life with an injury or health condition that makes them question their identity. At Woody’s Lodge, we’re here to help and can help you adjust to your new life outside of the Emergency Services, with expert guidance as well as a meeting space for you to interact with like-minded peers.

Woody’s Lodge is also able to support the families of those who served and will always welcome partners and children of veterans and those who are currently serving. Sometimes families face difficulties adjusting to their lives together again once a veteran finishes their service, this is quite normal and Woody’s Lodge can support you as you come back together as a family.

If you’re a veteran of the Armed Forces or the Emergency Services, or the family of someone who has served and are feeling a bit lost with how to adjust to your new lives, Woody’s Lodge is here to help.

Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help & support you:

Woody’s Lodge South Wales

Amelia Trust Farm, 5 Mile Lane, Barry, CF62 3AS

01446 781792

Mon - Thu 10am - 3pm

You can also email us: [email protected].

Woody’s Lodge North Wales

Eirias Park, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 8BN

01492 533954

Mon - Thu 10am - 3pm

You can also email us: [email protected].

Woody’s Lodge Penlan Farm

Penlan Farm, Penrhiwpal, Llandysul, SA44 5QH


Mon - Thu 10am - 3pm

You can also email us: [email protected].

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