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Health Referrals & Support for Veterans

Many of the veterans that we work with here at Woody’s Lodge are used to being independent and we understand how overwhelming it can be to have to reach out for any kind of assistance. In particular, asking for help when you need medical treatment or getting referrals can be a struggle. However, Woody’s Lodge is here to help: we are a social hub where you can get the help that you need and start the journey to a new life post-service.

Mental health can be challenging for anyone, not just veterans; our team are here to help make the process of helping veterans self-refer into Veterans’ NHS Wales easier.

We can support you, or a veteran that you know, by working through NHS or agency healthcare forms with you on a one-to-one basis here at our meeting space and help you regain contact with local doctors and community health groups.

Welsh Ambulance Mental Health Support

In order to support those with mental health challenges, the Welsh Ambulance Service has created a Mental Health Leaflet: You are not alone. The leaflet provides a huge range of Mental Health Support Helplines, many of which are free to contact and are available 24/7.

Download a copy of the leaflet below: 

You Are Not Alone Leaflet (Cymru)

You Are Not Alone Leaflet (English)

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