Corporate fundraising for Woody’s Lodge

Help veterans & lower your taxes as our corporate fundraiser

Corporate fundraising empowers us to provide essential benefits assessments, drop-in hubs, and supportive activities to Welsh Veterans in need. As a small charity striving to be heard & make a difference, we depend on businesses like yours to expand our reach & sustain our essential services while keeping the lights on. But sadly, it’s becoming harder for us to operate amid sharp rises in our core costs.

Your support is crucial, especially since we are easily eclipsed by the top 1000 charities in the UK, which absorb nearly 50% of public donations each year. By becoming our corporate fundraiser, you help Veterans overcome dire life situations while lowering your taxes. Together, we all win, & no one gets left behind.

6 impactful ways to corporate fundraise

Volunteer support

Give Veterans hope & boost employee morale. Sponsor volunteer activities by encouraging your employees to support our charity during work hours with paid time off.

Product sponsor

Make a difference through sponsored products or services. A percentage of customer sales goes directly to our charity.

Give as you earn

Give back by facilitating payroll donations deducted from employees’ salaries. Donations are deducted from gross pay before tax, meaning less tax for employees & more funds for our Veterans. Employers can match fund the total amount too.

Philanthropic donation

As a high wealth individual, you can leave a lasting legacy that empowers positive change on a massive scale, significantly impacting Veteran communities across Wales for years to come.

Matched giving

Encourage employee fundraising for Woody’s Lodge by committing to match their contributions through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), effectively doubling the impact of their efforts.

Sponsor an event

Corporate fundraising empowers us to extend vital benefits assessments, establish accessible drop-in hubs, and deliver supportive activities to Welsh Veterans in need.

Our corporate sponsors

United by a powerful vision to help Veterans facing challenges, Masons Moving Group, ONCREE, M.R.S. Communications, & Pinnacle Complete Office Solutions stand as our steadfast corporate sponsors, driving the triumphant success of our charity auctions, gala evenings, charity cycle rides, & many corporate fundraising events.

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Your impact


£1 million

Nearly one million pounds in benefits were drawn down from the DWP to Veterans who didn’t know they were entitled to this money.

59% welfare cases

Our welfare teams contribute nearly two thirds of our workload each year.

2,500 lives enhanced

Veterans and their families’ lives have been improved significantly by our welfare work.

4,000 visits

Drop-in centres throughout Wales give vital social support, and a sense of community, to those who served.

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