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Support for Veterans and Emergency Service leavers

Woody’s Lodge is a meeting place for those who’ve served in the Armed Forces or Emergency Services. At Woody’s Lodge you will find expert advice & support, friendship & camaraderie as well like-minded people who have similar experiences to you. With locations in North and South Wales, we provide Armed Forces support across Wales.

Woody’s Lodge are also on hand to help the families and loved ones of those who have served. It can take some time and compromising to re-adjust to normal life after active service has ended. Our meeting space provides a neutral space to get the help veterans and their families back on track.

Woody’s Lodge can help with Housing & Support, Benefits, Pensions & Finance, Agency & NHS Referrals and Socialising & Friends. From one-to-one assistance with form-filling with a brew & a biscuit to Family Days and activities, our team are on-hand to ensure you receive the help and support that you need.

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