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A Veteran’s Story: Tackling Trauma

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The veterans who visit us at Woody’s Lodge will often they will have past traumas from their service days that follow them into their civilian lives. At Woody’s Lodge, we approach the challenges and difficulties that our veterans, emergency services leavers and their families face in an environment that provides support and care. Find out more about one of our veterans that visits us, Alan, and how we’ve supported his needs.

Our Veterans: Alan

Alan is a veteran of the British Army where he served for twelve years; he was initially referred to us by Change Step, we have been assisting Alan with his pension and an NHS referral. 

Whilst serving at the Catterick barracks, Alan became the subject of a bullying campaign. When Alan came to us at Woody’s Lodge, he had requested help in trying to get an increase in his pension due to the trauma he had encountered at the time.

We have completed a report to the War Pensions Agency naming the three soldiers involved and the War Pensions Agency are currently looking into the allegation.

Alan can come across as aggressive in his manner, due to the trauma that he suffered whilst serving but he has not received any help for mental health issues. So, as well as the help with his war pension, we have also completed a referral form for Veterans NHS Wales and we’re hoping that he will receive an appointment in the near future.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling like Alan is, Woody’s Lodge is a Welsh veteran’s charity and we can help. We can provide expert advice and support, as well like-minded people who have had similar experiences to you. We have locations in North and South Wales; we can help with Housing & Support, BenefitsPensions & FinanceAgency & NHS Referrals and Socialising & Friends. From one-to-one assistance with form-filling with a brew & a biscuit to Family Days, our team are on-hand to ensure you receive the help and support that you need.

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