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Emergency Service Stories: Kath’s Journey

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If you’ve served in the Emergency Services and are looking for some support or perhaps the chance to socialise with others who have a similar background to yourself, Woody’s Lodge offers an inviting space where you can find expert help in adjusting to life outside of the Emergency Services.

Kath is a veteran, who then moved into working for the Emergency Services; she currently works in the National Police Air Service flying out of St Athan. In addition, she also volunteers with us here at Woody’s Lodge and is also a Trustee! Find out more about Kath’s journey below:

Kath’s Story

I joined the Royal Air Force as an Air Traffic Control Officer where I served for six years; I served at RAF Odiham and undertook a tour of active service in Basrah, Iraq in 2004. 

After my tour of active duty in Iraq, I left the RAF and I became a Close Protection Operative where I carried out bodyguarding and surveillance tasks in the UK and across Europe. In 2008, I joined South Wales Police and spent 5 years working in Response. I then successfully transferred to the Police Helicopter team in 2013, and I currently work with the National Police Air Service flying out of St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan.

In addition to my work with the National Police Air Service, I have been volunteering with Woody’s Lodge for several years now, since we were based out of HMS Cambria. I spend my time supporting other veterans directly, as well as in my role as a Trustee to the Management Board.

As well as volunteering here at Woodys, I also organise fundraisers and fundraising events to raise money for Woody’s Lodge and veterans in South Wales. I love spending my time at Woody’s Lodge, I feel that I have a unique insight of what it means to be a veteran of both the Armed Forces and the Emergency Services, and I really enjoy interacting with other veterans.

If you have been in the Emergency Services and would like some advice, or simply a chat and a brew, then get in touch, call: 07562916312 (South Wales) or 07731417974 (North Wales). Alternatively, you can also email us: [email protected].

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