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Supporting Families: Living with MS – A day in the life of caring for a loved one

We all know someone in our lives who seems undefeatable. A superhero. Strong, brave and generally, infallible.

Veteran’s Stories: A New Baby

The veterans who visit us at Woody’s Lodge will often have varying challenging backgrounds, from physical to mental health ailments to difficulty adjusting to civilian life once they’ve returned home from active service. Kevin is a veteran of the British Army that started visiting us in 2018 with his partner, Steph. They have recently had a baby and we’re delighted to provide an update on what’s been going on in their lives!

A Veteran’s Story: Caring for a loved one

At Woody’s Lodge, we’re not only here to support veterans and emergency service leavers, we are also here to support their partners and families too. Anthony and his wife, Tina, approached us here at Woody’s Lodge after being referred to us by SSAFA; find out more about how we were able to help them with their benefit entitlements.

Supporting Families: Karen & Nigel’s Story

When a veteran comes home from active service or leaves the Emergency Services, it can be difficult to adjust to civilian life. This isn’t just for the veteran, but also their friends and family. There are challenges that come with being a veteran or Emergency Service leaver transitioning to family life. Karen and her husband, Nigel, visit us regularly, find out more about their experience and how Woody’s Lodge supported them.

A Veteran’s Story: finding new friendships

Often at Woody’s Lodge, we hear from our veterans and emergency service leavers that they really miss the camaraderie of active service. Here at Woody’s, our team can provide you with a wide range of support from one-to-one assistance with form-filling with a brew & a biscuit to Family Days and activities. Find out more below about one of our veterans, Henry, who has been visiting Woody’s Lodge since the beginning.

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