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Woody’s to open a fourth hub at Ty Gwalia, Denbighshire

We’re really delighted to announce that thanks to funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust’s Positive Pathways grant and a generous offering of use of the land at Ty Gwalia by the owner, Dr Richard Mottershead, that Woody’s Lodge will be opening a fourth hub at Ty Gwalia, Denbighshire. 

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

We already have developed three major rural-based hubs in South, North, and West Wales plus 11 Urban Drop-in Centres throughout Wales with more planned to open soon, COVID-19 allowing.

Where is Ty Gwalia? 

Ty Gwalia is situated in a rural location at the foot of Moel Famau in Denbighshire, consisting of 3 acres of non-agricultural land with private housing occupied by Veterans sited within the grounds. There are also eight acres of land/unused quarry situated one mile from the site, which Ty Gwalia, has right of access to. 

The owner of Ty Gwalia, Dr. Richard Mottershead, has given us long-term access to Ty Gwalia as a rural centre to develop our work in supporting the Armed Forces and Emergency Service’s Communities and their families. 

Ty Gwalia will allow Woody’s Lodge to establish a rural support hub in North Wales with a potential for it becoming the main hub for the region in the future. In the three years that Woody’s Lodge has been open, we have hosted more than 8700 veterans and have provided support to more than 2800 beneficiaries in a wide variety of ways, from establishing friendships and contacts, support of individuals in Mental Health units, custody suites and HMP. The support provided has been central to saving the lives of 14 individuals who reached a critical point in their lives. Woody’s also works closely with many other support agencies and Statutory Bodies throughout Wales and has been recognised within these networks for the social and support work we provide.

We are very grateful for funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust’s Positive Pathways grant, with part of the grant allows us to provide a range of activities at Ty Gwalia, including Photography, Angling, Cycling, Archery, Mindfulness, Art, Camping, Nature events, Gardening, Bee Keeping and Hill Walking. These activities would be accessible to Woody’s North Urban Drop-in Networks. 

What is Woody’s plan for Ty Gwalia?

Here at Woody’s Lodge, we will utilise Ty Gwalia in several ways, including:
As a central gathering point for veterans wishing to take part in activities such as Hill Walking, Cycling, Angling etc
A gardening project aimed at teaching about sustainability and seeding, as well as healthy eating habits
To create and develop a social and support hub for local Armed Forces and Emergency Service Veterans and their families 

We can’t wait to welcome veterans, emergency service leavers and their families to Ty Gwalia. We have already begun planning a lot of the work behind the scenes and we will let you know as soon as we are ready! If you’d like to know more about the project, you can contact us here

Woody’s Lodge is a communications and social hub for veterans of the armed forces and emergency services, along with their families. We provide safe spaces for armed service veterans, recent leavers, reservists and those who served in the emergency services to socialise and access a wide range of health and social services. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you at Woody’s Lodge, take a look here

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