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Woody’s Lodge Awarded £100,000 to Help Elderly Veterans in Wales

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust backs a vital initiative for veterans in care homes.

Woody’s Lodge, a renowned veterans’ support charity, has recently been awarded a significant grant of £100,000 from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. This funding will bolster the “Veterans in Care” project, a crucial initiative aimed at reaching and helping elderly veterans living in care homes across Wales.

Veterans in Care

The “Veterans in Care” project is an innovative effort by Woody’s Lodge working with organisations such as Age Cymru. It focuses on engaging elderly veterans, especially those who served during National Service, by facilitating veteran-specific groups within care homes or transporting them to Woody’s hubs and drop-in centres.

This two-year project is designed to cater to veterans aged 65 and above, residing in both local authority and private care homes. It aims to provide veteran-specific group sessions, establish the role of Elderly Veterans Peer Mentors, and offer a range of activities from art sessions to tea dances. These activities are not only tailored to improve mental health and wellbeing but also to foster a sense of community among veterans. Furthermore, the project will extend support to veterans living at home with dementia, along with their spouses or carers.

Vital hub for veteran support in Wales

Woody’s Lodge, since its inception in 2017, has been a vital hub for veteran support in Wales. The project involves collaboration with various organisations and leverages Woody’s Lodge’s extensive experience in managing veteran-related programs.

This funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust marks a significant step forward in addressing the needs of elderly veterans in Wales. Woody’s Lodge’s “Veterans in Care” project promises to bring a transformative change in the lives of these valued community members, honouring their service and enhancing their golden years.

Assisting Small Charities to Impact Veterans & Emergency Services Personnel

At a time when Veterans and Emergency Services personnel are transitioning to civilian life, small charities like Woody’s Lodge play an essential role in contributing to their well-being. However, these charities face financial constraints, and only the strongest ones thrive. By supporting Woody’s Lodge, you are contributing to the sustainability of a small charity that operates on a tight budget and positively impacting the lives of Veterans and Emergency Services personnel. Donate today to enable Woody’s Lodge to continue its valuable work. Alternatively, choose Woody’s Lodge as your preferred charity on Easy-Fundraising and help in small ways that collectively make a significant impact. Let’s join hands and make a difference.

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