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Woody’s Lodge Secures £15,000 Funding for ‘Blue Beacon’ Project from Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

Woody’s Lodge, a leading veteran support organisation, has been awarded a £15,000 grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for its groundbreaking initiative, ‘Blue Beacon.’ This project aims to significantly reduce reoffending rates among veterans by offering comprehensive reintegration support in the Conwy area.

Transforming Lives Through Veteran Support

Blue Beacon’s primary objective is to address the root causes of veterans reoffending, facilitating their successful reintegration into civilian life. Woody’s Lodge will leverage this funding to initiate a series of targeted interventions, focusing on veterans across various age groups, including those under 25 and over 65.

Key components of the Blue Beacon project include

  • Veteran Peer Mentorship: Appoint a mentor in North Wales to assist veterans in the judicial system, offering guidance and support post-incarceration.
  • Skills Training and Employment Support: Collaborating with agencies to provide tailored skills training and job placement assistance, enhancing veterans’ employment prospects.
  • Peer Support and Community Reintegration: Fostering a supportive environment through mentorship and community engagement, addressing social determinants of reoffending.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: Collaborating with Woody’s Lodge Support Team and local organisations for housing, healthcare, and family support.
  • Monitoring and Aftercare: Implementing a system to monitor veterans’ progress and provide ongoing support.

Raising Awareness and Community Engagement

Woody’s Lodge plans to employ a multi-faceted approach to ensure maximum outreach. This includes leveraging its online presence, social media campaigns, collaborations with local organisations, and community events.

Addressing Hidden and Compelling Needs

Blue Beacon is designed to address critical areas such as mental health, skills and employment, social reintegration, and holistic support. The project is backed by evidence from consultations with veterans and professionals, ensuring its alignment with the community’s needs.

Sustainable Impact and Organisational Growth

This funding will not only enhance Woody’s Lodge’s expertise in supporting veterans but also fortify its partnerships and knowledge-sharing capacities. The project is geared towards creating a sustainable and long-lasting impact on both the beneficiaries and the organisation.

Beacon will be a year-long endeavour. This project will be principally active in Wales, specifically in the Conwy region.

Supporting Small Charities to Benefit Veterans & Emergency Services Personnel

Small charities like Woody’s Lodge play a vital role in supporting Veterans and Emergency Services personnel as they transition to civilian life. However, with the limited funding available, only the fittest will survive. By supporting Woody’s Lodge, you are not only helping Veterans and Emergency Services personnel but also contributing to the sustainability of a small charity that operates on a shoestring budget. Donate now to help Woody’s Lodge continue its work, or sign up for Easy-Fundraising and select Woody’s Lodge as your chosen charity. Every little bit helps.

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