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Woody’s Lodge Secures £39,600 Grant to Expand Veteran Support Services Across Wales through the RNRMC Greenwich Hospital Fund

Woody’s Lodge, a dedicated support hub for Royal Navy and Royal Marines (RNRM) personnel, has recently been awarded a grant of £39,600 through the RNRMC Greenwich Hospital fund. This funding will enable the continuation and expansion of their comprehensive support project, “Hearts of Oak,” across Wales.

For the past three years, Woody’s Lodge has collaborated successfully with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines community and affiliated organisations in Wales. With the new funding, Woody’s Lodge aims to extend its reach, launching an ambitious heritage project that caters to both serving and veteran RNRM personnel.

The project’s multifaceted approach addresses the unique challenges faced by veterans during their transition to civilian life. Focusing on improving mental and physical health, enhancing employment opportunities, and facilitating community integration.

Innovative Initiatives:

– Restoration and conservation projects on FlatHolm Island.

– Digital archiving for personal military histories.

– A robust database of Royal Navy Ships Associations.

Woody’s Lodge has engaged closely with RNRM associations and veterans, gathering evidence through consultations and interviews, highlighting the strong demand and necessity for such comprehensive support services.

The project will be delivered in person across various locations in Wales, in collaboration with several third-sector and statutory organisations.

Strategies for beneficiary engagement include collaborations with associations, online presence, media engagement, and targeted outreach programs.

This funding marks a significant milestone for Woody’s Lodge, enabling it to enhance and expand its services. Thereby making a lasting impact on the lives of Royal Navy and Royal Marines veterans and their families throughout Wales.

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