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Woody’s Lodge joins forces with local community project Need to Feed during local lockdown

The new local lockdown restrictions we now face can bring challenges for everyone. During this time, Woody’s staff and team of volunteers will be working hard to make sure we continue to provide support to all of our veterans and those from the emergency services and regular Zoom calls are in place.

Need to Feed

However, we are always looking to improve the support we provide, which is why we are pleased to announce, that in South Wales, we will be working closely, during this new local lockdown period, with a local community project The Need to Feed. This project is based in St Athan and is run by Vicky Lang and a small team of volunteers. Vicky and her team work tirelessly collecting food donations from around 14 shops across Cardiff and the Vale. This food is then distributed to those individuals and families who may be struggling in our current environment for whatever reason, be it; self-isolating, geographically isolated, unable to get transport to go shopping or simply struggling due to furlough and the restrictions that have been once again put in place. Since starting The Need to Feed, Vicky and her volunteers have supported those in need across Cardiff and the Vale community, including a local farm and even a tortoise Sanctuary.

Working with Vicky and The Need to Feed will enable Woody’s Lodge to offer food parcels to our veterans and emergency services who are in need during the pandemic. Using our transport, we will pick up the food parcel from The Need to Feed in St Athan and deliver it to your residence, in the South West area of Wales i.e. Cardiff, The Vale, Newport, Rhondda Taff Cynon and Bridgend. 

Today has seen our first Food Parcel collected and delivered to a veteran in Cardiff, who was grateful for this support from both Woody’s Lodge and The Need to Feed! We are all so pleased we could help and support him and hope we are able to build on this to provide that little extra support through these trying times. 

So, to all our patrons in the South West area of South Wales, if you are unable to get out, you’re isolated or need a morale boost, during this local lockdown please do not hesitate to get in touch; we are here for you all. 

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