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Woody’s Lodge Normandy Battlefield Tours 2023

Veterans Fundraiser Event

Get ready for an epic adventure through the D-Day Landings & Normandy Battlefields as we celebrate fallen heroes 

Say hello to Woody’s Lodge Normandy Battlefield Tours 2023, our next great cycling adventure through the magnificent historical region of Normandy in Northern France. Join us as we trace the footsteps of those who ended World War II in Europe and pay our respects to the fallen heroes of the D-Day Landings and Battle of Normandy. It’s veteran fundraisers like these that ensure we can offer more veterans support through life-changing services. 

It’s our biggest and most ambitious charity cycle event yet, and we would love to have you along for the ride!

2022 Cardiff to Paris Charity Cycle Ride

Adventure awaits

Normandy Battlefield Tours follows our massively successful inaugural cycle event, the Cardiff To Paris Charity Cycle Ride. This time around, we’re doing things larger by doubling the number of cyclists to 70, increasing our veteran fundraising target to £130k, and embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through a key turning point in WWII. Woody’s Lodge veteran fundraisers like these make a real difference helping veterans inWelsh communities, and our new cycle will help us reach some of our biggest goals to date. 

Stepping close to 80 years into the past 

As we cycle through Normandy, we will explore museums, landmarks, war memorials, and treasures linked to this momentous period. It’s a history dating back to June 6, 1944, when over 150 000 troops from Britain, Canada, the USA, and other Allied countries, descended on 5 beaches in Normandy to help end German rule in northern France.

Known as the D-Day Landings, it led to the Battle of Normandy (codename Operation Overlord), a 76-day war which resulted in the deaths of 210,000 Allied members and 14 000 French civilians. It was a brave and calculated military campaign that brought together the Allied forces by land, air and sea, becoming the largest invasion in the history of warfare! The loss of life wasn’t in vain, as it led to the restoration of freedom in the entire continent.

It is these courageous soldiers, sailors, and airmen that the Normandy Battlefields Tour acknowledges, respects, and celebrates!

The journey begins

By joining the adventure, you will walk in the footsteps of heroes. Our journey begins at the legendary Southwick House in the charming Hampshire county in South East England. It was the headquarters of the main Allied commanders led by General Eisenhower, and it was here that Operation Overlord was strategised. Located in the house is The Map Room, where you can see the original map detailing the enormous plans behind the operation. 

On day 2, we cycle to Normandy and spend 3 days exploring this iconic region. At the end of long days, we will come home to the beautiful Grandcamp-Maisy in the coastal fishing village of Maisy. 

These are all of the highlights to look forward to: 

– Hauntingly stunning attractions: Pegasus Bridge, Bayeux Cathedral, La Pont Du Hoc, & St. Mere Eglise Liberation Monument

– Beautiful memorials at the 5 landing beaches: British Normandy Memorial, Longues Battery Memorial, Juno Beach Memorial, Omaha Beach Memorial, Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial, & Utah Beach Landing Museum

– Intriguing museums with hidden treasures: Royal Military Police Museum, D-Day Underwater Wreck Museum, & Classic Military Museum

– Enthralling full-day tours of key sites: The 5 D Day memorial beaches & Maisy Battery  village tour

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Vice Chair: “It’s going to be EPIC”

Here’s a word from Clive Hamilton, Vice Chair for the Board of Trustees at Woody’s Lodge:

“The Woody’s Lodge team is hard at work planning an adventure of a lifetime rich in history, exploration, and togetherness as we celebrate exceptional heroes. With veteran fundraisers like this, you can rest assured that we’re taking all the necessary steps to ensure the routes are safe, comfortable, and exciting so everyone can create special memories. 

“You can support Normandy Battlefield Tours 2023 as riders on the ground or supporters who help us reach our fundraising goals. We’re also on the search for corporate sponsorships for businesses wanting to be a part of something amazing.”

“We promise it’s going to be EPIC!” 


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