Richard Rose – Caretaker, Groundsman (West Wales)

Richard rose

Richard Rose

Born 1965 in Hampshire but predominantly brought up in the Midlands, Derby, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there so being oblivious to the consequences I signed up at the earliest opportunity, and after a year in training found myself posted to Germany.

Soon after arrival and much to the disapproval of those around me I volunteered immediately for the All-Arms Commando Course in Plymouth. Although the training was physically demanding I felt that I had no choice but to succeed. I spent the rest of my career based in Plymouth of which most of my employment was as a Forward Observer.

I served in various theatres around the world which included both peacekeeping and warfighting operations until completing my service in 2005.

I remained in Plymouth with my family for approx. 15 years during which time I was predominantly employed, and self-employed within the mechanical and electrical services industry. I gained a broad range of experience within the industry and spent some time working on offshore windfarm and oil and gas platforms as a mechanical technician. 

I also spent some time working within the Maritime Security Industry as an Operative, Vessel Manager and Logistics Manager/Director.

In 2017 I went into partnership and formed a small Air Conditioning/Renewables Maintenance and Installations company, but in 2020 after many years of deliberation my wife and I finally decided on a change of pace and moved to West Wales to be closer to family.

On seeing an ad in the local paper, I decided give Woody’s a call to see if I might be of help as a volunteer. After a month or so volunteering a part time position became available which, I decided to apply for.

I cannot say that adjusting to civilian life hasn’t had its low points over the years, or that the transition will ever really be complete. That said I am happy to move on to the next chapter and see what challenges it might bring. 

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