Michael Leather – Activities Officer (West Wales)

Michael Leather

Michael Leather

Born in Bedfordshire, my early years saw me develop a love for the outdoors and sport so as soon as I came of age, I left home and joined the Army, specifically the Corps of Royal Engineers. Not satisfied with that I opted early on to become a member of their Airborne unit and off I went to become an Airborne Engineer. These were great years and I spent my 10 years with them travelling to many countries and served on operations in Ireland, Falklands conflict, Belize, Kenya and more.

I left in 1986 and became a detective with Bedfordshire Police when I was successful to be selected by the Home Office to go to Bosnia in the 90’s to look into the Human rights violations / war crimes for a year. On my return the cracks appeared and in 1999 I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. The Police couldn’t help me and I was discharged out.

Since then, I rebuilt my life through a career as a carpenter and then onto Management in Construction and went abroad to work on projects in Russia and Azerbaijan. It was during this time my long suffering albeit wonderful wife decided we were going to live in Wales as the majority of her immediate and extended family were here. Another one of her smart decisions and since my return from abroad in 2015, we have lived in near Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales. Here I have taken up the mantle of caseworker for SSAFA and it is through this that I became involved in Woody’s at Penlan Farm.  As the Activities Officer I am looking at a wide spectrum of activities that veterans can get involved in and the list is borne out of your suggestions. If it is possible, we’ll have a go. 

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