Christopher Adams – Support Officer (South Wales)

Christopher Adams

I’m originally from Barry, but I’ve spent most of my adult life living and working in Cardiff. After completing my studies in Graphic Design at Pontypridd College of Art & Design, I found myself struggling to find work in my field. I ended up trying out a few different occupations, but nothing seemed to quite fit.


That’s when fate intervened, and I stumbled into a volunteer placement for a Youth Project in Cardiff City Centre. My role initially involved providing logistical and advertising support for the charity’s events and gigs featuring young musicians. However, as I got more involved, I found myself drawn to the day-to-day advice and support side of things. I felt passionate about helping vulnerable youth in my community, and this led me to seek employment as a Support Worker.


Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve become an experienced Support Professional with a proven track record in homelessness services and supporting individuals with complex needs. Most of my career has centred around working with vulnerable individuals and groups, including those experiencing homelessness, mental and physical health conditions, criminal justice issues, abuse, and exploitation.


In 2008, I began specialising in supporting individuals struggling with substance use and those seeking access to recovery/relapse services. To gain the necessary knowledge and expertise, I underwent extensive training and completed numerous courses on the subject, as well as attending conferences and collaborating with related organisations. My hard work paid off in 2010 when I earned an NVQ lvl4 in Working with Substance Misuse.


For a time, I worked at a detox and recovery project in Cardiff, where I helped people reduce their substance use before attending detox and provided support post-detox to develop relapse prevention strategies and facilitate group therapy sessions.


When I’m not working, my family (especially our beloved dogs!) takes priority. I enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring the beautiful forests and countryside of Wales. I’m also an avid reader of science fiction and comics, and music is a big part of my relaxation routine. Though I’ve left my clubbing days behind, dance music still holds a special place in my heart. 

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