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Welcome to Woody’s Lodge Ty Gwalia Farm

A place to enjoy the great outdoors and connect with nature

Situated in the beautiful Northern Wales county of Denbighshire is one of our newest and biggest hubs. Ty Gwalia sits at the foot of Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range and enjoys expansive farmlands and mountainous backdrops. It is for those who appreciate fun outdoor activities set amid magnificent countryside views.

Acres of opportunity

The farm offers an opportunity to expand our services thanks to the size of land available. We have access to, wait for it, 11 acres of land! Eight acres lie one mile from the main site. The remaining three consists of non-agricultural land and includes private housing for veterans. 

Those who made it possible

Woody’s Lodge at Ty Gwalia would not be possible without the generosity of the farm owner, Dr Richard Mottershead. He gave us the go-ahead to use the land on a long-term basis to support Veterans, ex-members of the Emergency Services, and their families. In addition to this, we were awarded the ‘Positive Pathways’ grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. ‘Positive Pathways’ supports mental and physical health through sports, arts and culture, outdoor activities and heritage.

ty Gwalia Farm

At the heart of the fund is ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home’ project. It brings together those who served in the Army, Emergency Services and their families. The aim is to improve relationships and mental and physical health through outdoor activities.

The AFC Fund Trust has been an invaluable resource for us. Since our establishment in 2017, it has continued to fund our initiatives and plays a pivotal role in our growth. We are honoured to receive these grants because it shows us we are aligned with its vision to create real change in Armed Forces communities across the UK.

These kind donations have undoubtedly unlocked endless possibilities for Woody’s Lodge, and we are excited to welcome Ty Gwalia as a key branch in our mission.

Memorable experiences at Ty Gwalia

In keeping with the themes outlined by the grant, Ty Gwalia is the central destination for outdoor activities such as angling, cycling, hill walking, archery, camping, and so much more. It also embraces the calmer side of life through mindfulness activities, photography, art and gardening. There is something for everyone! 

These activities are accessible to Woody’s North Urban Drop-in Networks, where you can pop in and have a chat with our team and socialise with others. 

We have come a long way

Since we opened our doors in 2017, we have welcomed more than 8700 veterans and supported more than 2800 beneficiaries. We assisted in establishing lifelong friendships, built networks and offered expert financial, health and housing advice. We also supported those in mental health units, custody suites and HMP. As a result, we helped save the lives of 14 individuals who reached critical points in their lives. Knowing this makes our role in society much more meaningful, and we hope to continue this legacy at our Ty Gwalia branch.

In a short period, we were able to work closely with many other support agencies and Statutory Bodies throughout Wales. It has allowed us to meet like-minded people and build support networks with those who share our vision and passion. Now that Woody’s is expanding into Ty Gwalia, we are thrilled to connect with communities in and around the area. We plan to set up a rural hub with the potential of becoming the main hub for the region. 

We hope to make a palpable difference and become a place of togetherness, joy and fulfilment.

Ty Gwalia welcomes you

We can’t wait to welcome Veterans, ex-members of the Emergency Services, and their families to Ty Gwalia. We hope you enjoy this beautiful place so generously shared with us. There is a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure it is up to Woody’s standards and perfect for our guests. We want you to enjoy every moment of being here and hope to see you visit regularly. 

Contact us today to find out more about Ty Gwalia. We are here to help.

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