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Woody’s lodge moving to greater heights with the silver award from the defence employer recognition scheme!

Grab your coffee, find a quiet place and take a seat because we have some exciting news to share with you. As you know, Woody’s Lodge is committed to our veterans, and we strive to provide them with help and support in any way possible. That’s why we are so excited to let you know that we have received the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Silver Award for 2021. We are honoured to share this recognition with a small group of phenomenal organisations across Wales.

Together we are stronger

Those familiar with our organisation know that we started with a humble yet powerful vision to create a meeting place for those who have served the armed forces and emergency services. Thousands have walked through our doors since our establishment a few years back and many have created meaningful connections and support systems that will last a lifetime. 

Being awarded by ERS shows us that we are staying true to our vision and moving in the right direction. But this would not be possible without the dedication of our team, volunteers and corporate partners who ensure we never lose sight of our goals, no matter how daunting it may seem at first. For us, this achievement also means that we align with a vision greater than ours. A vision that shares common goals with other organisations to make an impact on a grand scale. 

Encompassed within the ERS is the unwavering support of the defence force and a drive to inspire others to do the same. This resonates with us, and the Silver Award is confirmation that the scheme believes in what we are doing and recognises our contribution. It also shows that we align with the values of the Armed Forces Covenant, which is an organisation that offers support for those who serve or have served in the armed forces and their families. 

From bronze to silver

Previously, we received the Bronze Award from ERS, and although this was an achievement, we are ecstatic to know that we are growing, improving and making an even better impact. The Silver Award is not just an improvement from our previous recognition – it is also a testament that anything is possible with teamwork and perseverance. 

The recognition means so much to everyone at Woody’s Lodge and is great motivation to work harder and help more people. Graham Jones, our CEO, said the following:

We were thrilled when we received the Bronze Award and now that we’ve achieved Silver, it is great validation that we are doing something right. A big thank you to the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme and the Armed Forces Covenant for recognising us and helping draw attention to the selfless work being done by the team at Woody’s. Here’s to supporting those who are serving or have served our nation. We salute you!

All boxes ticked

In order to receive this award, Woody’s had to meet the following criteria:

  • Sign the Armed Forces Covenant
  • Practice fair recruitment
  • Be open to employing reservists, armed forces veterans (including the wounded, injured and sick), cadet instructors and military spouses/partners
  • Show support for the values promoted by the ERS
  • Ensure the workforce is aware of their positive policies towards defence issues
  • Must not have any negative PR or media activity

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