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A big thank you Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust: Your active support in our first charity cycle ride made it a success

Our first 300-mile charity cycle from Cardiff to Paris took place between 5 – 10 July 2022. This marked the start of a new tradition at Woody’s Lodge and we would like to thank every participant, volunteer and sponsor who made the event an absolute success. 

Invaluable support by the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust 

In particular, the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust played an important role over the 5-day cycle, showing steadfast commitment to the cyclists and ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Emergency Medical Technicians, Andrew Harris and Craig Baxter, were on-hand throughout the event, providing medical cover and cycle repair to the 36 participating cyclists.

For their dedication and hard work, Woody’s Lodge would like to extend our sincere gratitude to both the trust and its technicians. A huge thank you to Andrew and Craig for their invaluable service throughout this special event!

A cycle only possible thanks to technical & medical support

During the 5 days, Andrew and Craig had a tough job ahead of them, considering the bikes weighed two and a half stone. But they showed incredible team spirit and came prepared with a wide range of equipment to help the cyclists repair their damaged or broken bikes. 

When it came down to helping the cyclists, Andrew and Craig supplied expert healthcare as needed and went the extra mile by ensuring people were hydrated and fed. They also provided cyclists with essential health and safety awareness while on the roads.  

Without their exceptional support, the cycle would not have been possible!

The pair expressed their support for Woody’s Lodge and the work we do before they embarked on the race.

Andrew said:

“Woody’s Lodge has done a lot, supporting Armed Forces and Emergency Services colleagues since 2017. We’ve had help from them in the past, so I wanted to give something back. The Trust has also been great in terms of supporting us for this journey.”

Craig shared that although the race is challenging, it’s worth it because Woody’s Lodge helps everyone across the board and brings a lot to the table in terms of support.”

Cycle with a purpose 

The event was the idea of our Vice-Chair, Clive Hamilton, and was brought to life by our all-star team at Woody’s Lodge. The purpose behind the cycle was to raise £70 000 to further our goal of providing veterans and their families with quality services and facilities. In addition, the event also aimed to bring like-minded people together, get fit, visit stunning places and have fun. The cycle was open to professional and amateur cyclists, and was a mix of veterans, serving soldiers and people who support the charity.  

A route to remember

We wanted to make this event unforgettable for our participants and also pay tribute to our fallen veterans. The five-day cycle route started in Cardiff and weaved through the English towns of Frome and Portsmouth. On days three and four the cyclists made their way through the French towns of Caen, Le Neubourg, and Magnanville, where they visited the Pegasus Bridge war memorial site and the Villez-sur-le-Neubourg Churchyard and paid their respects to our departed heroes of WWII. On the final day, the cyclists proceeded to the stunning city of Paris, and were honoured with a champions reception, Gala dinner, and an award ceremony for all the participants. 

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Woodys lodge cycle race paris
Woodys lodge cycle race

Safety first

As exciting as this journey was, five days of cycling can take its toll on the cyclists and the equipment. Therefore, expert attention was given to medical and equipment needs. Andrew and Craig are Emergency Medical Technicians and are part of the Trust’s Cycle Response Unit based at Cardiff Ambulance Station. They are experienced cyclists and their work for Woody’s and the Charity Cycle Ride is greatly appreciated!

Looking for veteran support services in South, North or West Wales? Our team at Woody’s Lodge is here for you. This is a place for veterans to have fun, socialise, meet like-minded people, and reconnect with family and friends. It’s also a place where we identify those veterans from disadvantaged backgrounds and do everything in our power to help. 

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