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Veterans Funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (AFCFT) is treating veterans with a getaway to the charming Thistledown Glamping and Cottages

If you’re in need of some well-deserved rest and relaxation, Woody’s Lodge has the perfect veterans getaway for you amid the rolling hills of the Welsh countryside. Thanks to veterans funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (AFCFT) , you can now enjoy veterans getaways at the charming Thistledown Glamping and Cottages in Llandysul, Mid West Wales. This mini respite holiday is ideal for couples or small families who are looking for an adventure amid unspoiled nature and exquisite wildlife. 

Woody’s Lodge is facilitating bookings from November through to March. If you’re interested, all you have to do is email our Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, Sian, at and we will be in touch with further information. Although dates are available throughout these months, spaces are limited, so don’t delay letting us know if you’re in need of a break!

The fun begins with our veterans getaways

At the beginning of October, our first veteran couple, Tony and Tina, headed off to Thistledown and loved every minute of it. We can’t wait for more people to enjoy this little piece of paradise and we look forward to getting you there.

To get you excited, here’s what you can expect from this incredible destination. 

Get glamping

These beautiful holiday cottages were established in 2017 by a close-knit family who moved to Wales in 2016. The heads of the household, Claire and Tim, had a vision to create a tranquil space that embraced the local community and strong, distinct culture of West Wales. With this vision in mind, Tim set off building two luxurious huts made from reclaimed, vintage, up-cycled, and locally-sourced materials. These are named Shepherd Huts, and they’re handcrafted nature adds a quirky element to a rustic glamping experience. Highlights to look forward to are a revitalising rain shower, heated hot-tub, and an enclosed private garden with a toasty fire pit.

Find out more about the Shepherd Huts here.

Getaway to a Cosy Cottage

The newest and biggest addition to Thistledown is Bramble Cottage, nestled across a single track road from Shepherd Huts. This is where veteran couple Tony and Tina stayed during their getaway. Tim recently refurbished the cottage, but it still maintains an imperfect charm that’s synonymous with handcrafted homes. It’s set over 2 floors and boasts a floating king size bed, a luxurious bathroom with a 4 jet shower and twin river rock stone sinks, and like the huts – a

heated hot-tub and fully enclosed garden complete with a fire pit. 

Find out more about Bramble Cottage here.

The cottage and huts feature wooden floors, a fully-equipped kitchen, free WiFi, and a sophisticated central heating system for the icy winter months. 

Mother Nature comes out to play

The ethos of Thistledown Glamping and Cottages is “wild and rugged” as it unapologetically embraces the surrounding nature. This has created a wonderful ecosystem where all types of vibrant flowers thrive and wildlife call home. The centre attraction is a serene pond fed from a spring – it’s a natural watering hole that sustains the environment and perfectly blends with the tranquil atmosphere. 

Thank you AFC and Thistledown 

As mentioned, veterans getaways wouldn’t be possible without generous funding from the AFCFT. More specifically, the funding is part of its Positive Pathways programme, which contributes towards initiatives that support veterans’ mental health and wellbeing. 

A big thank you to the AFCFT and Thistledown Glamping and Cottages for making this experience possible. 

Don’t forget to email Sian at to claim your well-earned respite holiday. Here’s to rest, relaxation, and exploration in the great Welsh outdoors!

Looking for veteran support services in South, North and West Wales? Our team at Woody’s Lodge is here to help. And don’t forget to stay updated with the latest events, news and insider happenings by subscribing to our newsletter.

You can show your support for Woody’s Lodge by making a donation directly on our website. Every bit makes a difference and we thank you for helping us reach more veterans in need.

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