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The remarkable Veterans’ Foundation grants Woody’s Lodge £40k to hire a new Support Manager in Wales and help more veterans in need, we thank you

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Woody’s Lodge, a supportive social hub for veterans and their families, is incredibly thankful to be granted funding by the exceptional Veterans’ Foundation. They’ve made it possible for us to hire a new team member in this vital position that will see Woody’s Lodge work towards achieving pertinent goals. 

Our support teams reach goals 

So far, our support teams are doing a stellar job, and by expanding the team, we are hoping to see even greater results. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have:

  • Supported over 3880 veterans
  • Helped drawdown over £670K in benefits
  • Represented veterans at the High Court of Appeal, Criminal Court, and Employment Tribunals (face to face appearances)

Woody’s Lodge thanks you wholeheartedly, and so do the thousands of veterans and their families your generosity helps.

 The Veterans’ Foundation extraordinary legacy

Established in 2016 by Major General David Shaw, the Veterans’ Foundation has a noble cause to fund charities that assist former members of the Armed Forces and their dependents who are in need. They raise money through the Veterans’ Lottery and donations to fund organisations that tackle the challenges of mental and physical injuries, homelessness, unemployment and children’s loss of parents while serving.

Major Shaw had the following to say:

“Since our inception, we have donated close to 600 grants worth more than £10 million to over 300 unique organisations. Many of these are small and medium-sized charities doing incredible work assisting the Armed Forces community.

He added that the Veterans’ Foundation is forecast to award grants totalling a mammoth £4.4 million this financial year alone. 

Major Shaw expressed gratitude for the public’s support of the Veterans’ Foundation and its Veterans’ Lottery and encouraged the public to spread the word about the foundation. 

Working towards ambitious goals

The grant is expected to assist 3500 beneficiaries, 3500 armed forces personnel and 1000 dependents. We hope to increase benefits awarded to veterans, combat social isolation, and improve mental health and general wellbeing. If these goals are realised, Woody’s Lodge will reach out for further funding from wider public trusts, the private sector and individual donors to extend the Support Manager role so we can continue changing lives. 

A word from our CEO

Graham Jones, Woody’s Lodge CEO, expressed the following:

“Organisations like the Veterans’ Foundation is why Woody’s Lodge continues to grow and reach more veterans in need. Their unwavering commitment is one of the driving forces behind us attaining extraordinary goals and making a difference in more lives. With this funding, we can’t wait to welcome a new team member to our flourishing family and support those suffering from the aftermath of military service.

“A big thank you to the Veterans’ Foundation for helping us help those who once served the nation! We encourage the public to donate to this inspiring organisation if they want to play their part in assisting thousands of veterans each year.”

A safe place for those who once protected us 

Woody’s Lodge is a place for veterans to have fun, socialise, meet like-minded people, reconnect with family and friends, and receive advice and guidance on pension, benefits, housing, and so much more. 
Looking for veteran support services in South, North and West Wales? Our team at Woody’s Lodge is here to help. And don’t forget to stay updated with the latest events, news and insider happenings by subscribing to our newsletter.

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