Wendy Scott fundraising managerI was born in North Wales where I can trace my roots back over 250 years. I have always been interested in the military world as my grandfather was in the RAF in WW2 as an anti-aircraft gunner at Southend airfield (now Southend airport). My father and my cousin were also military men.

My background is in healthcare and mental health; specifically, I have been a mental health pharmacist for over 12 years. Working with other charities (SSAFA and Wintergreen) I honed my skills as a fundraiser, for 4 years, whilst helping Veterans with their mental health. This is when I came across Woody’s Lodge and the amazing work they do.

Fundraising seems a far cry from pharmacy, but since the pandemic hit, I had been considering a permanent career change. I had been working part-time in healthcare and part-time in charity for over 4 years and it was becoming a challenge. But the charity sector has won my heart.

Bringing my management and fundraising skills to the table for Woody’s Lodge is a dream job for me. Seeing the genuine, life-changing results for Veterans by this charity was a great motivation.

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