Kimberley Edmunds-Jones – General Assistant

Kimberley Edmunds-Jones

I joined the Wrens in 1987 as an Air Engineering Mechanic, mostly working on Seakings as well as Sea Harrier radars in workshops. Whilst serving, I also joined the HMS Heron volunteer band as a side drummer.

In 1994, I left the Wrens in 1994 and then married into the REME, so stayed within a service environment as well as having two daughters.

After several part time jobs and raising my children. I started work in a local nursing home, catering for adults with learning difficulties and vascular dementia. This was a sometimes challenging, but always rewarding position.

I joined the Woody’s Lodge family in September 2018 as a Transport Officer.

As well as my work, I also volunteer for several different charities. I am involved with the Armed Forces Biker Charity who have raised funds for our veterans who have found themselves falling on difficult times. I am also part of the Hedgehog Helpline Charity who rescue injured, ill or abandoned hoglets and hogs. Which allows them to be rehabilitated and released to suitable pre-assessed areas.

Outside of work, my hobbies include arts and craft, sewing, gardening and of course… riding my Triumph!

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