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Woody’s Lodge to reach isolated veterans with our new Welfare Project thanks to funding from Adferiad Recovery and support from V4P Group

We at Woody’s Lodge are hard at work helping our veterans across the UK transition back into society after serving the nation. We are based in Wales and provide veterans and their families with financial and housing advice, assist with medical applications for NHS Wales, organise fun social events, and so much more. We rely on ongoing funds from the public and various charity organisations to make this happen. One such organisation is Adferiad Recovery, an amalgamation of several outstanding charities that have come together to help vulnerable people struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse. 

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£80k going to good use

Not too long ago, Adferiad Recovery was awarded a grant by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. Since we are one of the charity’s 11 portfolio partners, we will receive an incredible £80,000 over the next two years to support veterans’ mental health through a range of vital services. One of our first projects is to fund our three welfare offices in North, Mid and South Wales and recruit Welfare Officers in these three locations. Additionally, we will establish related services that will complement our existing support team and work collaboratively with the new Adferiad Project V4P Group.

The revamped welfare team will focus on supporting and signposting isolated veterans through relevant services. These veterans will attend our drop-in centres and breakfast clubs alongside other groups in partnership with the V4P Group. 

Our goals focus on a strong referral pathway 

We have some ambitious goals for our welfare team over the next two years, such as:

  • Identifying, supporting and signposting veterans living in isolation, particularly in the rural areas of Wales
  • Developing and strengthening referral pathways through our partnership with V4P and the wider veterans’ community
  • Identifying additional referral pathways with local authorities, health, and veterans organisations
  • Collaborating with other support groups and hubs to widen support for veterans in each area
  • Researching and documenting the positive impact and outcomes of the Welfare Project 
  • Sustaining the project past January 2024

Establishing a strong referral pathway is the cornerstone of the project, as this will allow us to provide appropriate services for veterans straight away.  In this way, they only have to tell their story once and won’t have to relive traumatic events over and over again in order to receive relevant help. We hope to reach 1400 beneficiaries and 4200 indirect beneficiaries over two years. 

Thank you to our charity partners 

We at Woody’s Lodge would like to thank Adferiad Recovery and the V4P Group for helping us expand our services, reach more veterans and change more lives. We can’t wait to 

embark on the Welfare Project and reach those who need us the most. 

For those looking for veteran support services in South, North and West Wales, contact Woody’s Lodge today to find out how we can help you. And don’t forget to stay updated with the latest events, news and insider happenings by subscribing to our newsletter.

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