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Making New Friends with Woody’s and Project 65

Here at Woody’s Lodge, we work with many local and national organisations to ensure that we’re able to signpost our veterans in the right direction and help them to receive the right support. One of these organisations is Project 65, a partnership between Wrexham BC and Deafness Support Network. They have been running Project 65 for the past year to support people who have hearing loss, are vulnerable, are isolated due to limited communication and are in need of support. 

Recently, we were introduced to the wonderful Geoffrey, who is 104 years old(!), and his wife, Jean, referred to Woody’s Lodge through Project 65. We were so pleased to receive such lovely feedback from Geoffrey and Jean this week, through Project 65: 

Geoffrey was delighted, he and his wife told me that he had been contacted by a retired volunteer from Woody’s Lodge who had served in the Royal Navy. Jean said Geoffrey was thrilled that he had been contacted and overjoyed to be able to talk to someone about shared experiences. Geoffrey also mentioned that our Woody’s volunteer lived local to them and they are hoping that sometime in the future (without COVID-19 worries) that they may invite the volunteer to their home. However, they are staying in telephone contact with each other for now! 

We are so pleased to have had the chance to support and connect with Geoffrey & Jean, we hope that sometime in the future, when our hubs are able to reopen, that we’ll see them at some Woody’s events! 

Staying Connected

If you, or someone you know, is a veteran over the age of 65 who are vulnerable and are struggling with hearing loss in the Wrexham area, then Project 65 at the Deafness Support Network are here for you. 

We know things are really challenging right now, but our team are here to support you! If you’re feeling isolated or struggling with life in lockdown, why not join our Zoom calls every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am? 

Join the call using this link and enter the details below to enter the call:
Meeting ID: 693 474 4238
Passcode: Strength

Woody’s Lodge is a communications and social hub for veterans of the armed forces and emergency services, along with their families. We provide safe spaces for armed service veterans, recent leavers, reservists and those who served in the emergency services to socialise and access a wide range of health and social services. 

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