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Woody’s Lodge announces Sian Woodland as new Deputy CEO

Many of you will know our lovely Sian Woodland, well here at Woody’s Lodge, we’re delighted to announce that she has recently been promoted to Deputy CEO of Woody’s Lodge! 

We’re absolutely overjoyed to announce Sian’s new position of Deputy CEO and to continue her progression at Woody’s. She’ll continue to work closely with our CEO, Graham, as well as the rest of the team. 

When asked how she feels, Sian said: It’s such an honour and a privilege to have been promoted to this new role and I am so excited to see what happens next. It has been an amazing couple of years, even with the whirlwind that was 2020, and we have collectively achieved so much at Woody’s Lodge! In this new role, I hope to continue to support those who serve and have served in the Emergency Services and Armed Forces.

Commenting on Sian’s promotion, Graham, our CEO said: Sian is such a credit to our team and to Woody’s Lodge, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see her in this new role! 

Sian started her career in the Royal Navy in 2001, where she served for five years. Shortly after leaving the Royal Navy in 2006, she met her fiancé, Paul ‘Woody’ Woodland, who was killed in a Royal Marine’s training accident before he was due to return to a second tour of Afghanistan. After Paul’s death, Sian immersed herself in raising money for military charities. Before then helping to set up Woody’s Lodge in his honour, raising money, helping veterans and working for Woody’s helped her to come to terms with Paul’s death. You can find out more about Sian’s story here

Here at Woody’s Lodge, we are a Welsh veteran’s charity with a whole range of veteran support services available, at South, North and West Wales. Stay up to date with everything that’s on at Woody’s, plus why not subscribe to our newsletter here?

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