David, our CEO at Woody's Lodge

Woody’s Lodge is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr David Trotman as our new Chairman

As many of you know, Dr David Trotman has been involved with the charity since its inception and has recently retired as Chief Executive Officer.  He has been instrumental in building Woody’s into the charity it is today, and we look forward to the continuity his appointment to Chairman will bring to the charity.

David says, “It is an honour and privilege to be appointed Chairman.  It has been an amazing journey over the last few years, and we have collectively achieved so much and been of direct help to many.  I hope to bring my professional experience to support, serve and thank those that have served in order to protect the values of our country and our way of life. So relevant today.

I take over the position from Margot Devereux Nisbet, who as Chair, brought us from HMS Cambria to our position at Amelia Trust Farm and through her term as Chair help us achieve unparalleled growth and recognition as a key veterans support charity in Wales.  We thank her for that and wish her well in her future endeavours.

I look forward to working with the Board of Trustees and our new Chief Executive Officer, Graham Jones, and to have more time to sit and have a brew with our veterans and their families.”

Here at Woody’s Lodge, we are a Welsh veteran’s charity with a whole range of veteran support services available, including a range of Drop-In Centres at our Amelia Trust Farm site and across North Wales. Find out more about our Veteran Drop In Centres here. Stay up-to-date with everything that’s on at Woody’s, plus why not subscribe to our newsletter here?

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