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Dr David Trotman retires as Woody’s Lodge CEO

On behalf of the Management Board of Woody’s Lodge, we announce the retirement of our Chief Executive Officer, Dr David Trotman, which is effective from 31 March 2020.  We are pleased to announce that Dr David Trotman will be joining Woody’s Lodge Management Board which effective from 1 April 2020.

David has been instrumental in securing the future funding for Woody’s Lodge going forward to name but one of his many achievements.

Please join us in thanking David for his leadership at Woody’s Lodge and do take the time to congratulate him on his many accomplishments during his time as CEO at Woody’s Lodge and on his upcoming retirement.

On behalf of the Management Board of Woody’s Lodge, we announce the appointment of Graham Jones as our Acting Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1 April 2020. Graham also brings a wealth of experience and I hope you will join me in warmly congratulating Graham on his appointment.

One last time… from our CEO David 

“It seems a “whisper in time” that as student trainee, I had joined a Medical Research Council team working at MOD Headley Court, researching improved methods for rehabilitation of physically injured service men and women. Little did I know that some 40 years later that I would become so involved in the support of Armed Forces Veterans, particularly those whose lives have been affected by mental health issues, including PTSD.

Back in 2012 we worked hard to establish a foot-hold, a social point at Penarth Pier Pavilion for Veterans, a Tuesday morning “brew and banter” session. It worked and we saw lives change, it soon became evident that more was needed, especially in Wales. With a brilliant group of co-founders, around a kitchen table, we have built Woodys into what it is today.

Too many people to thank in name, my Co-Founders, my Team, Volunteers, Trustees, plus working with some amazing agencies and companies and individuals, you know who you are.

But for me the real prize in my life, has been seeing the shear guts and bravery of men and women coming to Woodys, it’s to see that smile, knowing that someone is safe and looking at life in a positive way again. Woodys has given me the opportunity with others to help change lives for the better.

I stand down as CEO., as I now feel that it is the right time to handover to a Veteran in his own right, and who has a brilliant team working with him, an incredible charity with funding in place to take us to the next steps, extending our support to the wider Armed Forces Family and Emergency Services.

As for me, it is not goodbye, I now become a Woody’s Trustee and volunteer in support our Veterans, particularly those that require a friend, when facing challenges within the legal and statutory world.

I am just a civvy who wants to say, “Thank You”, to each of you who have served and are serving and who do your duty without question to keep our country safe, especially in these times; you’ve given and continue to give me that opportunity and inspire me to work on. Thank you again.

A visiting Police Inspector once said, that to him, the secret of Woodys is that we work with “Humanity, Humility and Humour” I also like to see this in terms of “Learning, Love and Laughter” told me by a brilliant Technician, working at Headley Court back in 1975.  

No doubt see you around.

Here at Woody’s Lodge, we are a Welsh veteran’s charity with a whole range of veteran support services available, including a range of Drop-In Centres at our Amelia Trust Farm site and across North Wales. Find out more about our Veteran Drop In Centres here. Stay up-to-date with everything that’s on at Woody’s, plus why not subscribe to our newsletter here?

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