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Our plans for the Armed Forces Covenant Grants

You might remember that last month, we announced the absolutely amazing news that Woody’s Lodge has been awarded two major Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust grants through “Positive Pathways” and “Removing Barriers to Family Life” that will enable us to develop our work across Wales over the next 2 years! If you missed it, take a look at this video of Dr David Trotman!

Armed Forces Covenant

These grants have been awarded to us from The Covenant Fund, which is delivered by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. Their grants and funding benefit those from the Armed Forces Community, including serving personnel, families, veterans and the families of veterans. With these two grants, it is an incredible opportunity for us to deliver more support for armed forces families, not only at our existing Woody’s Lodge sites but it will also allow us to extend our services across Wales.

The first grant is called ‘Removing Barriers to Family Life’ and its purpose is to support Armed Forces Families facing challenges. This funding will allow Woody’s to significantly extend our support to the wider Veteran and Armed Forces Family including: Partners, Children, Carers, and their community (which includes friends and peers) of all ages.

Whilst the second grant ‘Positive Pathways’ funds projects that develop and run activities that support the mental health and wellbeing of ex-Forces. With this funding, we are developing a new project called ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home’, where we will bring veterans and their families together in green and natural settings to help them reconnect in a neutral space. 

Our work with Age Cymru and Age Alliance on Project 360 has now ended, we would like to thank both charities for all their support and how much we enjoyed working on Project 360!

If you, or somebody you know, is struggling since leaving active service, whether adjusting to civilian and family life or missing the camaraderie of the services, why not see how Woody’s Lodge can help? We’re a Welsh veteran’s charity that can support and signposting to the armed forces and their families. Take a look at our Veteran’s Stories, where you can see how we’ve supported other veteransemergency service leavers and their families.

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