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Connecting our team: M.R.S. Communications generously donates six two-way radios for better communication and safety at Amelia Trust Farm

MRs communications woodys lodg

Woody’s Lodge would like to send a big thank you to M.R.S. Communications for their generous donation of six two-way radios – this will help support our team in Barry at the Amelia Trust Farm.

The radios are a massive resource to the farm, which spans an incredible 160 acres of natural spaces, teeming with wildlife and farm animals. It will help us communicate with team members during activities and help improve the safety of those who visit us. Considering the colossal size of the farm, we will be able to stay connected to every team member, no matter how far away they are, ensuring everyone is safe and that all security matters are adequately provided for in a centralised way. 

A company that believes in our vision

M.R.S. Communications has always supported Woody’s Lodge, and they stand by our vision to help the armed forces, emergency services and their families. They see the work we do within these communities and always contribute towards helping us reach our goals, no matter how impossible it may seem at first. 

We are so thankful that this leading communications company thought of us when giving back. In a short space of time, our shiny new two-way radios have helped us better manage Amelia Trust Farm through improved communication. 

Creating a safer UK

This amazing company is no stranger to creating better and stronger communities throughout the UK, and they do so in a way that truly matters. Since 1978, M.R.S. Communications has worked tirelessly to offer better and safer radio management systems for all their customers, helping to reduce crime and improve security in towns, hospitals, universities, and so many other locations. More impressively, they have developed StoreNet and NiteNet systems, which operate within the Business Crime Partnerships throughout the country, creating a much safer place for all citizens. 

A word from our CEO

Graham Jones, our CEO, expressed

“Thank you, M.R.S. Communications for your invaluable donation to our farm in Barry. The team has started using the radios and appreciate the efficiency when communicating with each other and monitoring the safety and security at the Amelia Trust Farm.

“And since the farm is such an enormous property where we host meetings, gatherings and events, these radios are a welcomed resource that we will undoubtedly benefit from for years to come.”

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