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Meet the Team: Kimberley

At Woody’s Lodge, we love to show you behind the scenes of what goes on here, so in this month’s meet the team, you can find all about Kimberley!

I joined the Woody’s Lodge family September 2018 as their Transport Officer. My favourite part of my role at Woody’s Lodge is the chats I get to have with our veterans and their families, on our journeys to and from Amelia Trust Farm from where they live. Here at Woody’s, we offer a free transport service with wheelchair access for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access us at our site at Amelia Trust Farm.

I became an Air Engineering Mechanic with the Wrens in 1987, mostly working on Seakings as well as Sea Harrier radars in workshops. In addition, I became a member of HMS Heron volunteer band as a side drummer.

Although I left the Wrens in 1994/1995, I married my partner who was in REME, so I stayed within a service environment. During this time, we had two daughters.

In addition to my work with Woody’s, I am also involved with the Armed Forces Biker who have raised funds for our veterans. In addition, I am also part of the Hedgehog Helpline Charity who rescue injured, ill or abandoned hoglets and hogs. Our work means that they can be rehabilitated and released to suitable pre-assessed areas.

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