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Support our Veterans: Fundraising Marathon Runners for Woody’s Lodge

Marathon runners raising money for charities is taking the world by storm and making a huge impact on communities. Since its inception in 1981, the London Marathon has become one of the biggest fundraising events in the world, with runners raising over £1 billion for various important causes! This month (April 2023), three incredible athletes will challenge themselves physically and mentally as they run to raise money for Woody’s Lodge. This is our big thank you to Bill Porter and the wife and husband duo of Nicola and Lewis, who will be running in the Manchester Marathon and London Marathon, respectively. 

You can show support by donating to their Just Giving fundraising pages and play your part in helping Welsh veterans who need financial, physical, and psychological support. 

Bill Porter: A Veteran Running for a Cause

Meet Bill Porter, a true hero and Veteran who’s not only a regular at Woody’s Lodge drop-in centre in Rhyl, but is also gearing up to run the Manchester Marathon on April 16! For 25 years, Bill was part of the prestigious Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), repairing and maintaining the British Army’s tanks, artillery, weapons, aircraft, and electronics.

Every Tuesday, Bill stops by our centre to share his experiences and connect with other Veterans. And now, he’s on a mission to give back to our community by supporting our cause and showing his gratitude for our unwavering support for Veterans and emergency workers, especially during the difficult Covid-19 pandemic.

Bill’s Dedication to Woody’s Lodge

Bill expressed why he’s choosing to run for Woody’s Lodge:

Marathon fundraising

“Choosing a charity to donate to can be a tough decision, but for me, the choice was clear. As a fellow Veteran, I have personally experienced the immense impact of Woody’s Lodge in supporting our community. After losing some of my fellow comrades to mental health issues, I found solace and support at Woody’s Lodge. And since then, I’ve been involved with the charity for years.

“The good work they do is nothing short of remarkable. Woody’s Lodge helps Veterans, Emergency services personnel, and their families get the right support they deserve, helping them get back on their feet and integrate back into their local communities. But what sets Woody’s Lodge apart is their ability to provide a safe space for people to open up and engage without fear of judgement.

“The empathy and support shown by Woody’s staff are truly unbelievable, making it easier for people to share their struggles and receive the support they need. This, in turn, opens doors to other charities to engage with Woody’s and provide further support. And that’s why I’ve chosen Woody’s Lodge as my charity donation.”

Bill’s little daughter is rallying support for her father and Woody’s Lodge by encouraging people to donate to his Just Giving page. She recognises the vital role Woody’s Lodge plays in looking after ex-servicemen and women. You can watch her inspiring video on YouTube. Help support Woody’s Lodge and our brave heroes and their families on their journey towards a better life.

Show Bill support by donating to his Just Giving fundraising page. And don’t forget to tick Gift Aid as it adds 25% more money to Bill’s efforts if you are a UK taxpayer. 

Nicola and Lew: London Marathon Run for Woody’s Lodge

Nicola and Lew are running the London Marathon on April 23. They have chosen Woody’s Lodge after discovering more about our Veteran charity and the support we provide. In their own words, “We couldn’t think of a better way to show our appreciation for the freedom we have today.”

Their commitment to our charity is not just out of obligation, but also personal. They have family members who served for many years in the Signals Regiment, a unit responsible for providing communications support to the Army during military operations. 

They end by saying that if their Veteran family members were still here today, they would have hugely appreciated the support and kindness that Woody’s Lodge has to offer. Nicole and Lewis are doing their part to ensure that this support is available for all Veterans, emergency services personnel, and their families who need it.

fundraising marathon runners

Show your support to Nicola and Lew by donating to their Just Giving fundraising page. 

Just Giving is a safe, secure and simple way to donate to worthy charities. Your details are protected, and your money goes directly to the charity. 

Proudly Welsh Veterans’ Charity 

Woody’s Lodge is a proudly Welsh Veterans’ charity that supports Veterans, Reservists, ex-members of the Emergency Services, and their families. We are inspired by those who once served our beautiful country and show our appreciation by helping them reintegrate back into their communities after distressing experiences. 

Looking for veteran support services in Wales? Our team at Woody’s Lodge is here to help. And don’t forget to stay updated with the latest events, news, and insider happenings by subscribing to our newsletter.

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