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Our team grows as we embark on an energy conservation project funded by the Energy Saving Trust

Woody’s Lodge is excited to announce that our team is flourishing as we take on more projects to reach more and more veterans throughout Wales. This time around, we’re diving into an energy conservation project named Force 4 Energy. The heart of the project is to provide energy advice to the armed forces veteran community across Wales in relation to household consumption. The aim is to build financial resilience and reduce fuel poverty among those from vulnerable backgrounds – this will increase the chances of households meeting their heating needs. The ultimate goal is to keep our veterans warm, safe, and healthy by providing advice and support so they can avoid health problems related to cold weather. Force 4 Energy is funded by the Energy Saving Trust, an independent organisation working towards energy efficiency and clean energy solutions. 

8 new team members for Force 4 Energy 

Fuelling the Force 4 Energy project is 8 new outstanding team members recruited in the first quarter of 2022. They are all part of the North Wales armed forces community – and two are directly employed by Woody’s Lodge at our Eirias Park branch until September next year. They operate under the professional title of Energy Outreach Assessors/Installers. 

If you would like to contact our Energy Assessors please email [email protected] or telephone 01492 533954.

Woody’s Lodge is a place for veterans to have fun, socialise, meet like-minded people, and reconnect with family and friends. It’s also a place where we identify those veterans from disadvantaged backgrounds and do everything in our power to help. The Force 4 Energy is one such way we’re working towards this goal. 

For those looking for veteran support services in South, North and West Wales, contact Woody’s Lodge today to find out how we can help you. And don’t forget to stay updated with the latest events, news and insider happenings by subscribing to our newsletter.

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