Dinner with Otto

Dinner with Otto

When a man leaves a war, does the war leave the man? Dinner with Otto, a play by Tom George, is a hard-hitting play that reveals the often-disregarded aspects of war & conflict and its aftermath. 

We’re delighted to announce that Dinner with Otto will be showing at the Rhyl Little Theatre on 13 – 14 September 2019 and at the STIWT Theatre Wrexham on 24 September 2019. Not only will this play be tackling the difficult reality of many of our veterans and their families, but it will also be raising money for us here at Woody’s Lodge and the Royal British Legion!

Dinner with Otto is set in March 1919 and in the small North Wales village of Pentregawr. Ever since November of the previous year young men have been returning home to towns and villages across the UK after the bloodiest conflict in history, buoyed by the promise of a ‘land fit for heroes.’

The village is waiting on the return of one of its sons: Ben Davies MM, former captain of Pentregawr Rugby Club. However, he’s late and when he does finally turn-up, he is barely recognisable, even to his mother, as the young man who went away to war in 1915.

Although the play is set in 1919, the issues faced by the veterans of World War 1 are just as relevant to today’s veterans and their families. For some, there was a need to get back to normality as soon as possible and forget that the war ever happened, but for others, the war would never end.

All tickets are £12 and includes a programme! Get your tickets for Little Theatre Rhyl here and the STIWT Theatre Wrexham here.

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