Small But Mighty: How Your Corporate Charitable Donations Can Make a Big Impact

As of 2021, there are over 160,000 registered charities in the UK, with the top 1000 charities gobbling up nearly 50% of public donations each year. This leaves small charities, like Woody’s Lodge, scrambling for the remaining 50% of donations. Woody’s Lodge is a charity that provides support for Welsh Veterans and Emergency Services personnel as they transition from service to civilian life. We are highly dependent on the generosity of individuals and corporate charitable donations to survive.

Rapidly Escalating Core Costs: A Major Challenge for Woody’s Lodge

Rapidly escalating core costs as a result of the cost of living crises are a major challenge for our Veterans charity. These costs include rent, heating, electricity, consumables, travel expenses, staff wages, office equipment and stationery, and fundraising materials. However, many funding bodies put restrictions on what the grant can be used for, making it difficult for small charities like Woody’s Lodge to operate. If we can’t pay our core costs, we can’t operate, and that’s why individual and corporate charitable donations are so vital.

Operating on a Shoestring Budget to Benefit Veterans

Woody’s Lodge is different from the top 1000 charities in the UK. We do not have expensive headquarters or high management wages. The charity operates on a shoestring budget, and pays slightly above minimum wage to its CEO and deputy CEO so that more beneficiaries can benefit from fundraising efforts. Approximately 97% of funds raised by the charity go directly to the benefit of Veterans and their families. The charity has adapted quickly to beneficiary needs and squeezes as much as they can from each donation.

Falling Donations: A Worrying Trend for the Charity Sector

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) reports that the number of people donating to the charity sector fell by 4 million during Christmas 2022, compared to the same period the previous year. This 7.5% drop in donations is a worrying trend, and it is predicted to rise this year.

Supporting Woody’s Lodge: A Variety of Ways to Help

Woody’s Lodge wants to bring more sustainability to the charity and offers a variety of methods to help, including joining Easy-Fundraising and selecting Woody’s Lodge as your chosen charity. This is a passive way of giving where an online retailer donates on your behalf when you shop with them online

Corporate Sponsorship: A Win-Win for Businesses & Charities

Regular donations through Woody’s Lodge website, give-as-you-earn (lower your monthly income tax bill by donating through your wage packet), and corporate charitable donations like corporate sponsorships are also great ways to contribute. 

Corporate sponsors can lower their corporation tax bill by donating some of their profits to charity. They can also sponsor one of Woody’s Lodge’s fundraising events or projects, such as the Normandy Charity Cycle Ride, marathon runners, Penlan Farm training cottage rebuilding project, garden projects, or auction gala evenings. If you own a business that sells physical products, you can select one of your own products to sponsor. That way, every time you sell that particular product, Woody’s Lodge gets a small percentage. This often boosts the sales of this product, and it becomes a win-win for both. 

To discuss the various ways to donate, please email our fundraising manager, Wendy at [email protected]

Supporting Small Charities to Benefit Veterans & Emergency Services Personnel

Small charities like Woody’s Lodge play a vital role in supporting Veterans and Emergency Services personnel as they transition to civilian life. However, with the limited funding available, only the fittest will survive. By supporting Woody’s Lodge, you are not only helping Veterans and Emergency Services personnel, but also contributing to the sustainability of a small charity that operates on a shoestring budget. Donate now to help Woody’s Lodge continue its work, or sign up for Easy-Fundraising and select Woody’s Lodge as your chosen charity. Every little bit helps.

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